Finally this NFL Pandemic season is over for the Lions. And it's the same conclusion as before: they still smell. Lots of changes need to be made.

Their head coach Matt Patricia was shown the door along with his close friend and G.M. Bob Quinn. Both were canned for smelling up the place.

The Lions organization has been rotten for fifty years at least. Now there is a new sheriff in town and his name his former star linebacker out of Thee Ohio State Chris Spielman. He has been hired by the Lions as a special advisor along with former Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders. They are to find a new G.M. and a new head coach.

Look, I’ve already done posts on this stuff. But the bottom line is the Lions will smell until they get the right mix of players and coaches together. Maybe this search committee can find the right missing pieces to this awful losing puzzle. I don’t have to go into a broken record about this franchise.

Why can’t the Ford’s put a team together like the automobile company they have? That would make sense.

Hey Chris, you’re on the clock. I have faith in this cat's football background and I.Q.

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