This makes me very happy. The crew at Timothy's Pub in Flint will be reopening today, with curbside service. Along with carryout food, you can purchase lottery tickets, and take out beer.

Timothy's Pub is home to three of my award winning burgers. That's right, for 3 years running Timothy's Pub took first place at our annual 'Burgers & Brews' event. My winning burgers are as follow,

There is also an A-List Burger on the menu. That would have been a first place burger too, but in 2019 voting was cancelled. I think everyone was jealous. You can check out all of my delicious burgers in the videos below. You will see some familiar faces in all of the videos including Dee Dee Sleezz from Ironsnake, Dolly Parton, and even Cher.

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There is a lot more on the menu at Timothy's than burgers. You can check out the full menu here. No soups are available at this time, but everything else on the menu can be ordered. Hours are Monday through Friday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM, and Saturday from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. (810) 239-0972.

I will be ordering today, I hope you will too.

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