A rivalry that will never end. University of Michigan and Ohio State. I am no super fan to either basketball team, but I would definitely pick Michigan over Ohio. That being said, I know plenty of die-hard Michigan fans and a few die-hard Ohio State fans and I don't want to debate with any of them.

This recent video (see below) making the rounds of Michigan fans chanting "F--k Ohio" - may be petty but it is entertaining. Apparently some disagreements on the court last night inspired the crowd chant. I love how sports enthusiasts get so worked up at sporting events. I live with one of those people. My boyfriend Nick is constantly commenting, yelling and moving all over during certain games. I don't think he watched any Detroit Lions games this season sitting down - he stands up close to the TV and watches. I don't mind, I love his passion for the team and the game.

If you love Ohio State, I am sure you don't love this video. If you love U of M - enjoy. Here is to all of you arena chanters and living room coaches. Sports would not be the same without you.

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