Pink Floyd Laser Light Yoga Is Now a Thing That Happens
During our wild, misspent youth, many of us took in the occasional Pink Floyd laser light show. Now that we're older, wiser, and (thanks partly to those laser-induced munchies) a little fatter, maybe it's time to give Pink Floyd laser light yoga a try.
Find Out What 2,000 Calories Actually Looks Like
Here's a helpful video, if you were wondering how many carrots you could eat without going over 2,000 calories. If that sounds like something you definitely do not need to know, 2,000 calories is also quantified in Big Macs, pizza, Chipotle burritos and delicious, delicious avocados...
Donate Fleece-Tie Blankets for First-Time Chemotherapy Patients
For over a year now, I have worked with The Fabulous Ladies Small Business Club as host for all of their events. We do a lot of great charity work, and this time we are collecting fleece-tie blankets for first-time cancer patients. Please help us out if you can, and get more details right here.
Women Are More Angry And Hostile When They Wake Up Than Men
After being married for a few years, people start to notice patterns developing in their spouses. Some are innocent little quirks, others are more like "run for your life" tendencies. A new study out of Duke University shows that women are more angry, hostile and confrontational th…
5 Frequently Asked Questions About Heart Disease
Valentine's Day may be over, but that doesn't mean you have to take down all of your heart decorations yet. February is also American Heart Month, so keep gluing glitter to pink construction paper while you educate yourself on all the ways to make sure your future is heart-disease-free.
To …
5 Exercises That Will Improve Your Heart Health
You listen to weather updates so you know how to dress. You wash your hands so you don't get the flu. You wear your seatbelt to keep you safe in the car. You are a prevention machine. But are you working to prevent the number one cause of death for both men and women, heart disease? For American Hea…

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