One of the most familiar and popular party songs of all time "Louie, Louie" was released today May 9, 1963. The Kingsmen a band from of all places Oregon hit the music scene big with 'Louie, Louie'. It ends up the lead singer mumble some of the lyrics and it was thought by many that he was saying something obscene. Because of this issue a lot of radio stations refused to play it and that only made the tune become more popular.
The FBI even got involved. According to, they were asked by the powers that be to investigate whether or not those involved with the song violated laws against the interstate transportation of obscene material. The limited investigation lasted from February to May 1964 and discovered no evidence of obscenity.
You can take a look here at the FBI's report titled Subject: Louie, Louie (the 60's song).

Rock del Recuerdo via YouTube

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