If you want to know the inspiration for the TV show ‘ALF‘ all you have to know is that it came out in 1986 and that its name is short for “Alien Life Form.” But it’s fair to say the ‘E.T. : The Extra-Terrestrial’ knock-off was a hit and ran for four seasons, launched an animated spin-off, and TV movies. Now it’s going to be turned into a feature film.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that ‘The Smurfs’ producer Jordan Kerner is looking to make an adaption of the TV show at Sony, using a CGI and live-action hybrid approach, much as he did with ‘The Smurfs.’ This project has been in the works for a while, so you can’t say we didn’t warn you. Paul Fusco, who voiced the character originally, is expected to play the voice of Alf again.

Alf was known for his appetite for eating cats, and his snarky way of talking. In that way he resembled many of the 1980′s most famous sitcoms character, which were mostly brassy, talkative characters – be it Gary Coleman on ‘Different Strokes’ or Vicki Lawrence in ‘Mama’s Family.’ With Kerner attached, this has a very high chance of being made. It’s unlikely that Max Wright (who played the father in the original series) will return, though that part has Brendan Fraser’s name written all over it.

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