For those of you who haven’t heard of ‘Storm Chasers,’ it was a documentary reality television series on the Discovery Channel. Unfortunately for fans, this exhilarating show was cancelled earlier this year. Luckily, the internet provides us the opportunity to watch some of the craziest clips from the show.

The program followed several teams of storm chasers as they attempt to intercept tornadoes in Tornado Alley, the part of the US which typically gets hit by the most severe storms. The teams were made up of scientists, who took “extreme data collection” very seriously. With August being prime hurricane season, we have selected five of our favourite clips for you to appreciate from the safety of your own home.

1. Storm Chasers Saves Lives

Having never been caught in a tornado, we can’t really verify this, but apparently it is extremely difficult to tell which way the storm is headed unless specially trained to analyse storms. Here, these people clearly “don’t know which way it’s moving.” We see the Storm Chaser crew helping to shepherd people to safety, likely saving a number of lives in the process. This isn’t just a crazy stunt for adrenaline junkies.

2. Storm Chasers Find ‘Gorgeous’ Tornado

The Storm Chasers film from extreme close range of this “gorgeous” tornado in southern Minnesota. After marvelling at their find, they then realise they are directly in the path of this monster and are “not okay.” Indeed, they are forced to take refuge under their car, bracing the debris until it passes.

Surprisingly (or not), the team’s main concern seemed to be whether or not they got the whole debacle on video. Jubilant celebrations ensue when they realise they did indeed capture their crazy antics for the world to see. Congrats team!

3. Storm Chasers Under Attack

Here the Storm Chasers seem to get their butts kicked by the storm. Of course they start off optimistic, excited to be right in the pathway of the storm. Hey, it’s great data-collection opportunity! However, you start to see the team getting nervous (understandably!) as the storm nears and they exclaim that they “need to get out of here!”

The grand finale of this clip shows Reed Timmer smashed in the face as the tornado storms through his truck window. Fortunately, he sustained only very light injuries to his face – a small price to pay for such great data, we’re sure you’ll agree.

4. Storm Chasers Do The Exact Opposite

Amusingly, the Storm Chasers here are the ones getting chased by the storm instead of the other way round; we see them reversing at high speeds and even breaking a sweat! They don’t quite manage to escape the storm and end up right inside it, allowing us to see some crazy and unique footage.

Having survived this, they then follow the storm to check out the damage — perhaps not the wisest move. Colliding with a live wire on the street they narrowly manage to clear it, surviving their very near-death tornado experience. True to form, they quickly forget this hiccup and commence euphoric celebrations.

5. Storm Chasers Take A Direct Hit

This time the team are headed at high speeds toward the storm for fear of missing out on all the fun. Ignoring the “tornado sirens” that seem to keep literally every other person in the world AWAY from the storm, they position their truck and the “angry skies” are seen.

There’s then a slightly comical “Uh Oh!” moment when the group realizes the storm is “right on top of [them]…” This is only made more amusing when the instructions to “Put the claws down!” and “Push all the buttons” are issued with great urgency.

This is probably the only non-movie circumstance in which “Tiv took a hit!!” is said in a triumphant way, whilst galloping across a field, staring at the very item that hit the poor guy. If nothing else, these clips prove that the Storm Chasers are a rare breed (and perhaps not quite right in the head).

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