Lapeer County Sheriff's Office reports that 44-year-old David Houghtaling of Lapeer was walking on Clark Road north of Turrill Road in Lapeer Township just before 6 a.m. Sunday.
Deputies say Jason Morrell, 43, of Lapeer was driving in the opposite direction of Houghtaling. Morrell did see Houghtaling who was waving his hand. Morrell planned to stop for Houghtaling after he passed him, but Houghtaling began waving both hands and then ran into the road and ultimately into the driver's side of Morrell's 2010 Dodge Avenger.
Deputies say this is supported by witness statements and vehicle evidence.
Houghtaling ended up laying on the road and was then hit by a second vehicle, a 2007 Nissan Murano driven by Rafi Salim, 20, of Farmington Hills.
Houghtaling was taken to a hospital where he died.
Deputies say alcohol use has been ruled out for both drivers, but they are investigating whether Houghtaling had been drinking.


Source : Lapeer County Sheriff's Office/ABC 12 News

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