Governor Snyder ordered the Michigan National Guard to Flint last Tuesday night, to assist with delivery of bottled water, and water filters.

Snyder didn't just stop at mobilizing the National Guard, he also put in a federal request for aid from FEMA.

Members of the National Guard will go door to door in Flint neighborhoods to distribute bottled water, water filters, replacement cartridges and testing kits.

While most agree that this action is desperately needed, some don't think it's enough.  Representative Dan Kildee issued this response to the action from Snyder.

Flint needs more action and less talk from Governor Snyder. It is important to remember that this crisis was created by a state-appointed emergency financial manager, and it is the state's ultimate responsibility to act and make it right. Flint residents are the victims in this crisis and they deserve a more urgent response equal to the gravity of this crisis

Dan Kildee even took some time to talk to President Obama about the Flint Water Crisis.

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