If you've lived in Lapeer for a long time and you were listening to 103.1FM in 1984, then you can probably understand why I feel like this is a return to the past for me. In 1984, I was doing the morning show on what was then known as WDEY-FM, and I also did a Saturday night oldies show called the "Goldrush".

Today, I return to 103.1FM in a new role.      Let me re-introduce myself. My name is J. Patrick, and today I am the Program Director of US1031. My history with Lapeer actually precedes my time at WDEY because our family owned a cottage on Bronson Lake in Lapeer, and I spent all of my childhood summers there. I grew up with Lapeer as my second home, and it is fascinating that I am still involved with it today!

I left WDEY in 1985 and have served as the Program Director for Cars 108 for the past 25 years. Today the former WDEY, now US1031, is owned by the same company as Cars 108 - Townsquare Media, and I am proud to be serving in role of Program Director for it.

The times have certainly changed the face of radio since 1984, making it much larger with a digital presence at US103.com and Facebook. I hope you will take the time to check out our website and Facebook pages as we commit ourselves to being Lapeer's hometown station and keeping you up-to-date with activities, news, and events of the Lapeer community.

I look forward to growing closer to the community with US1031. If I can answer your questions about US1031 and how we can help in the community, please feel free to contact me at JPatrick@US103.com, or call me at 810-715-4109.