It was this week in October of 1969, The Beatles had a double sided 45 rpm hit on their hands and one of the tunes wasn't a composition written by Lennon/McCartney. It was George Harrison's "Something." On one side was John's "Come Together" that made it to the #1 position on the charts and George's "Something" on the flip side peaked at #2.
Next to Paul's Beatles song "Yesterday" it become one of the most covered Beatles songs. One of the singers was Frank Sinatra who did his thing with both songs.

From the Beatles Anthology collection George had this to say about other artists singing his song..."When I wrote it, in my mind I heard Ray Charles singing it, and he did do it some years later. At the time I wasn't particularly thrilled that Frank Sinatra did Something. I'm more thrilled now than I was then. I wasn't really into Frank – he was the generation before me. I was more interested when Smokey Robinson did it and when James Brown did it. But I'm very pleased now, whoever's done it. I realize that the sign of a good song is when it has lots of cover versions".

The Beatles via YouTube



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