In case you missed it on May 18,1968 the first Hot Wheels car a dark blue Custom Camaro was introduced to the world. Harry Bentley Bradley who was a car designer for General Motors in Detroit a position he held for about 4 years. In 1966 he got an innervation to move to California and work for the toy maker Mattel to help put together the new line of die-cast model cars under the name Hot Wheels. Harry had fun designing the product and stayed with Mattel for another year after the introduction of Hot wheels and left the company thinking the toy cars weren't going to happen.
Now 50 years later Hot Wheels is the number-one selling toy in the world with nearly 500 million units sold every year. According to their website, Mattel has released a ‘Throwback’ collection which brings back some classic Hot Wheels icons from the late 1960s.
The series is modeled on the ‘Original 16’ cars, which consisted of several ‘Custom’ versions of popular real cars of the time, as well as a few more conceptual cars.


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