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Nasa/Getty Images
National Moon Day is observed annually on July 20 and commemorates the day man first walked on the moon in 1969. Millions watched live as Neil Armstrong put his left foot on the moon saying "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." Watch replays of historic footage live on NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV here in observance of National Moon Day and the Apollo 11 Anniversary. See the NASA Live schedule below.
Upcoming Events Airing Live (all times Eastern)
Friday, July 20: Apollo 11 Anniversary, Special NASA TV Coverage and Replays of Historic Footage
9 AM: Apollo 11: Prelaunch Press Conference/Spacewalk Training
12 PM.: Apollo 11: For All Mankind
2 PM: Apollo 11: Moonwalk One (1970)
  • 2:12 PM: Michael Collins fires the command module’s rockets and moves the spacecraft about two miles away.
  • 3:08 PM: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin fire the lunar module’s descent engine for the first time.
  • 3:47 PM: Michael Collins, in the command module, reports "Everything's going just swimmingly. Beautiful!" as the lunar module heads to the Moon’s surface.
4:03 PM: Apollo 11: Lunar Module Powered Descent & Landing on Moon
  • 4:05 PM: Neil Armstrong throttles up the engine before dropping down on the lunar surface. While Armstrong flies the lunar module, Aldrin gives him altitude readings.
  • 4:18 PM: The lunar module settles down on the surface with a jolt. Armstrong immediately radios mission control: "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."
4:30 PM: Apollo 11: 1969-1989
6 PM: Apollo 11: Crew Interview Commemoration of the First Lunar Landing - Neil Armstrong; Buzz Aldrin; Michael Collins
7 PM: Apollo 11: Moonwalk One (1970)
10 PM: Apollo 11: 1969-1989
10:38 PM: Apollo 11: First Moonwalks - July 20, 1969
  • 10:39 PM: Armstrong opens the lunar module hatch and squeezes through the opening. Moving slowly down the ladder, Armstrong deploys a television camera
  • 10:56 PM: Armstrong puts his left foot on the moon and states: "That's one small step for a man, One giant leap for Mankind."
  • 11:41 PM: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin plant a 3x5 foot United States flag on the lunar surface.
Saturday, July 21: Apollo 11 Anniversary, Replays of Historic Footage
  • 1:11 AM: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin return to the lunar module and close the hatch.
  • 1:54 PM: Ascent engine is started and lunar module begins rising and reaches a vertical speed of 80 feet per second at 1,000 feet altitude.
  • 5:35 PM: The lunar module, Eagle, re-docks with the command module, Columbia, while circling on the back side of the moon.

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